Optical Microscope

The optical microscope help us in analysing the structure of material under magnification. This structure guides us to understand the behaviour of material for a particular application. The optical microscope allows us to determine from case depth or grain size to complete failure evaluation.


The sample preparation plays important role when it comes to microscopic examination. There are few steps which need to be followed in order to get proper results. It begins with selecting material of adequate size along with its location and orientation. Further it is followed by mounting, grinding, polishing and etching that brings out accurate microstructure.

Machine Capability

* Make and Model:Zeiss, AXIO Imager


* Magnification: 20X to 1000X
* Resolution: 500 nm
* Bright & Dark field Imaging
* Polarisation contrast imaging
* C-DIC (Circular Differential Interference Contrast) imaging
* Automatic tiling of high resolution large montages
* HMultimodality hyper spectral imaging.
* Advanced image analysis with grain size, volume fraction, inclusion count and other measurements

Application Works